About Us

Sofoklis Productions is a creative production company based out of Boston. We help brands stand out and reach their audience by telling their story in a unique way. We call this breaking through the noise of the digital age. By delivering an authentic story that is driven by feeling and evokes emotion, we create an immersive experience that makes your brand matter to your consumers.


Video Produiction

From pre-production to production and post, we handle all of that! We strive to execute a final product that represents your brand accurately, while making it as smooth as possible from start to finish.


We offer a wide range of service including, product photography, conceptual pieces for social media, portraiture, & real estate.


The final step to any project can be what takes it from being great, to amazing. We can handle post processing, color grading and video editing for any size project, big and small.

Concept Planning

Have a few ideas you have been thinking about or nothing at all? Not a problem! We're here to create a vision for you or help clarify and elevate your current one!


Having a strong marketing campaign allows your brand to leverage it’s content to reach its full potential! We develop digital marketing strategies, content roll out blueprints, and social media adverting plans that drive results.


Powerful visuals can’t be complete without proper design. Consistency is what strengthens brand identity and makes you stand out, from logos to websites to promos.